The Benefits of Memorizing Bible Passages Over Individual Verses (and tips to make memorizing easier!)

When think of all the useless trivia and movie quotes that I’ve memorized over the years, just by watching favorite movies and TV shows again and again,  I’m humbled that sometimes I can quote more from a favorite movie than I can from a favorite book of the Bible. And how much more does the Bible deserve to be memorized?

While memorizing random Bible verses does have its value, I’ve made it my goal to memorize Scripture one chapter at a time-mostly Psalms and the book of Jonah. 

When Scripture Memory Fellowship mentioned the challenge to memorize Jonah, I expected it to be a real challenge. I had been used to memorizing Psalms like Psalm 103 and Psalm 34. Both are wonderfully encouraging Psalms filled with various truths. 

To my surprise, memorizing the book of Jonah felt easier to memorize and keep straight in my mind than those Psalms because it is telling a story with a simple timeline of events. Each chapter was like a mini-story in itself. So that really helped me to remember what comes next within the four chapters of Jonah. I had never memorized a Bible story, so it was a really fun Scripture memory project. It's made we want to memorize other Bible stories. If you've never memorized a story from Scripture that might be a fun place to start. Start with your favorite and go from there.

I had the pleasure of getting to hear Tom Meyer, the Bible Memory Man, recite the book of James while my family was vacationing in Lake Tahoe. Having memorized over twenty books of the Bible,  he told me when it's his children's bedtime, for their bedtime stories, he will recite Bible stories from memory. He is truely inspiring!

 My goal is to memorize other short books of the Bible to start and eventually memorize books with more verses. I don’t consider my memory exceptional by any means. Even so , because I desire to make time in God’s Word my highest priority, I can think of no better way to use my time (and mind) than memorizing God’s Word. 

Though memorizing Scripture is always time well spent, whether random verses or complete passages, I want to tell you the benefits of memorizing a passage over individual verses.
1. As Janet Pope notes, “Instead of memorizing fragments of Scripture, you can memorize God’s whole truth fit together the way God intended.” 

2. Memorizing an entire Psalm, chapter, or book of the Bible puts your verses allows you to memorize the context of your verses.

3. It’s easier to memorize several verses that go together, than random verses.

Psalm 23 is six verses. It is much easier to memorize these six verses than six random verses about the Lord being our shepherd.

If you have never memorized a passage of the Bible, I highly encourage it. Though it may feel overwhelming to memorize several verses rather than individual verses, just know whether you memorize a passage or individual verses both are done by memorizing one verse at a time. Ready to begin? 

Here's an awesome YouTube video full of great tips to help make memorizing Scripture easier. Whether you are new to memorizing Scripture or not, this video is sure to bless! If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to share in the comments. God bless you abundantly!

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Last updated Friday March 13, 2020


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